What It Costs

Interested in joining Canterbury Lodge?

Like any other private membership organisation, becoming a freemason will
have entry fees and an ongoing commitment.

When you join a Lodge there will be a fee for Joining together with a one off
Registration fee payable to the United Grand Lodge of England and also to the
Metropolitan Grand Lodge which administers masonry in London. Canterbury
Lodge is a member of Metropolitan Grand Lodge.

Each year Lodge members will be asked to pay an annual subscription which
covers the cost of Temple hire for the Lodge Meetings and also the costs of
running the Lodge. This subscription will also include a contribution to
Metropolitan Grand Lodge and United Grand Lodge of England which contains
an element of charitable contribution to masonic charities. As these costs may
vary from time to time, you may ask what these are if you should wish to
explore Lodge membership further at any time in the future.

Part of masonic life after each meeting is the festive board where the members
will retire to a local hotel or restaurant in the Covent Garden area and dine
together. This is paid for separately and will normally include at least a three
course table du hôte menu with wine and coffee. This allows Lodge members
to socialise and enjoy an element of conviviality.

Freemasonry being a charitable institution, we collect alms in the Lodge at
each meeting. Some of the money collected will be placed in the Lodge
benevolent fund for local purposes and some will be placed in what is known
as the Lodge Relief Chest where monies can attract Gift Aid and from time to
time amounts are given to highlighted Metropolitan Grand Lodge nominated
Charities or to other organisations registered with the Charities Commission.
If you need any answers on any of these points then please ask.

Most Lodges will have a ‘dress code’

Members wear a dark lounge suit, shirt with a white collar, a black tie and black shoes. In time, certain items of regalia will be required, which initially will not be expensive, and often, there is the opportunity to buy used regalia at very little cost.

From time to time, many Lodges have a special evening, or daytime event, specifically to raise money for charity. You will never be pressurised into attending them or to donate money at these events if you are unable to, or prefer not to.

However, it is hoped that you will participate in the Lodge’s efforts to raise money for the various charities they adopt.

Freemasons are encouraged to donate money to charity, dependent upon their means. You will never be pressurized and some Lodges will not ask you at all, as giving to charity is a matter for your own conscience.

Interested in joining Freemasonry?

If you have any questions not answered by this page, please feel free to contact the Secretary-by Email: canterbury1635@aol.com ensuring to include a contact telephone number.

If you don’t know anyone who is a Freemason and you would like to join a London Lodge, please send an email telling us more about yourself. Arrangements will be made to meet you socially to find out more about you, and to give you a chance to find out more about us.

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